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Our number one goal is to serve our community while doing what we love. We feel the honor and integrity of our profession has been compromised by so many big chain, dishonest, greedy companies and individuals. They play games and lure you in with low price promises and try and up-sell unneeded repairs and services. When you go in they plant the seeds of worry for unnecessary future repairs and play on fear and lack of knowledge. We have seen it all too often, they target women, the elderly and the young. Little do these individuals understand is that their targets are our mothers, sisters and daughters. They are our siblings, children and our parents. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and let our proud profession be run down and our community be taken advantage of all in the name of profit. We aim to be transparent, honest and informative for customers that wish to learn about their vehicles. Car ownership and repairs should not leave you with questions and the lingering feeling you’ve been taken for a ride. We aim to price our parts and services fairly for our customers. It is Fair Repair Auto Care’s mission to take the mystery out of the unknown and restore or communities faith and trust in our profession once again, one repair at a time, beginning with you….

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