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conventional and synthetic oil change

We provide varying oil change services to meet our customers ever changing needs. We proudly utilize STP conventional and synthetic oils. You can use your choice of oil at an additional charge. We are not a Quick Lube facility that is only interested in getting you in and out of the door. Fair Repair Auto Care technicians have years of experience. You will have the peace of mind knowing your vehicles maintenance needs are being met by someone who knows how to spot your particular vehicles potential need for repairs and issues. No surprises leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Fair Repair Auto Care also conveniently stocks popular additives so you don't have to run around chasing them. Fair Repair Auto Care is your one stop shop, all at reasonable prices.

A/C SERVICE and REPAIR R134A And New r1234yf Systems

Don't just pump in a can of snake oil leak fix that will only destroy and overcharge your Air Conditioning system. We know that down here in the South, air conditioning is life support. Some consider it a luxury, we know it can be a necessity. We service all vehicle refrigerant types up the the new R1234YF Standard and hybrid and electric cars as well also. Let Fair Repair Auto Care properly service and repair your AC system and comfort. Our calibrated and specialized equipment removes contaminates and recharges your system to specific factory engineered levels. We can guarantee that a can on a shelf can't do that. If our regular service can not restore your AC system It will precisely let us know what is wrong so that we can fix your problem correctly instead of guessing. and replacing parts.

ABS, Traction Control and Disc Brake System Repair

Most other shops try and scare customers into needless expensive marked up parts during a regularly needed brake service. We don't believe in running up a ticket or trying to sell you parts you don't need in order to profit at your expense. We are a little old school and actually remove, measure and resurface rotors during a brake service to save you money. Others will sell you new cheap rotors to save time and run up a ticket. Fair Repair Auto Care differs from the chain stores and dealerships because we believe in just providing you exactly with what you need. This lets you keep more money in your pocket and gives you the ability to address other repairs or spend it on whats actually important, your family.

Manual & automatic Transmission Service and repair

The world of transmissions has really changed. Transmissions have become increasingly electronically controlled. If you are having a major transmission problem, Fair Repair Auto Care will diagnose rather than jump to an expensive rebuild or replacement. Sometimes your perceived transmission problem could be a software update or a tune up problem. Most drivers are not aware that Transmissions, just like Engines, require oil and filter changes as well. Transmissions can be complicated and scary. Let Fair Repair Auto Care honestly guide you through and avoid future transmission problems.....

Engine repair, tune up & performance

Many shops don't want to try and repair engines. Fair Repair Auto Care does. We have over 50 combined years of experience in our shop. If we can save money and fix it we will. We can diagnose and repair broken or stretched timing chains and belts. Head gaskets are not a scary death sentence that dooms your otherwise great vehicle to the scrapyard. If we need to replace it we will advise you on the best route. We will also help you evaluate the rest of your vehicle to honestly advise if the repair or replacement with new/used is economically wise, or if it is in your benefit to put your hard earned money into a new vehicle. Other shops wont step up to the plate. Fair Repair Auto Care will, because we really do care....

Computers, Electrical, Batteries & Alternators

We are well versed in vehicle electrical systems. It all starts with the battery and alternator. Today's hybrid and evermore complicated vehicles, the importance and sensitivity of electrical systems can not be understated. Just as with your Cell Phone, vehicle computers and software need to be reset and updated regularly. Manufacturers release the updates often and Fair Repair has the equipment and expertise to update your vehicles computer software. Don't let an inexperienced shop misdiagnose the basics and cost you more money by throwing parts at your problem. Our experienced mechanics have seen everything from full electric drive systems, hybrids to diesels. Let Fair Repair Auto Care fix your Computer and electrical problems correctly the first time....

Used car Pre-Purchase inspections

Sometimes its hard saying goodbye. When that time comes Fair Repair Auto Care is here for you to help add that new addition to the family fleet. Our used car pre-purchase inspection helps you in several ways. Having an experienced mechanic inspect your vehicle helps to insure you’re not buying a lemon or money pit. We can give you a complete list of the vehicles needs mechanically. You can then use this list to negotiate and make an informed decision on your possible vehicle purchase.

NC State Safety & Emissions Inspections

Most vehicle owners are unaware, but you are allowed to inspect your vehicle for registration purposes up to 90 days early. Don’t let it sneak up on you. If you have an illuminated check engine or maintenance required light, we can help you Fair Repair Auto Care can get you through an inspection during a regular oil change or a new set of tires and alignment session. Our typical inspection session only adds approximately 15-20 minutes to a maintenance appointment. So, R U Due???

suspension, Steering & alignments

There is nothing worse than buying a new set of tires and then having your tires wear out unevenly just three months down the road. Let us get your wheels lined up and pointed straight ahead to keep you safe and extend the performance of your hard earned investment in tires. Fair Repair Auto Care has the experience to read your tire wear and analyze strut and shock performance. We utilize Hunter laser alignment equipment because they are world renowned for their accuracy and state of the art precision. Fair Repair Auto Care brings you all of this to ensure that your tires last and perform safely to the best of their ability.



Fair Repair Auto Care wants to help our neighbors and friends keep their cars on the road as well as money in their pockets. We know how important your vehicles are to your every day lives.  Everything from getting kids safely to and from school, to getting to and from work to keep food on the table, we are here for all of your maintenance and repair needs.Fair Repair Auto Care offers oil changes and brakes to engine and transmission repairs or replacements. We cover all major repairs with a 24 month 24,000 mile worry free nationwide warranty. We will also give you an honest opinion when the time comes time to part with a vehicle and replace it rather than repair it. We aim to keep you on the road in a safe vehicle we would put our own family in, because we really care and want you to be the best part of the Fair Repair Auto Care Family.

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