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Here at Fair Repair Auto Care, each of our staff has a God given passion for cars . We love the way they sound, the way they feel and the way they look. We marvel at the science and art that comes together and is so very much a part of our everyday lives. Our second passion is the desire to help others through our first passion. Fair Repair Auto Care loves using our knowledge to keep you, your family on the road safely and affordably.


Repair and Maintenance Options

Cars are not just rolling pieces of art and engineering marvels. They are the tools of our everyday lives. From that old high school car we had our first date in, all the way to the grocery getter that we depend on to get our children safely to and from school. Lets not also forget the only over worked sedan a newly married couple shares in order to get back and forth to work. We understand and have lived it.

Skilled Workers​


Warrantied work


Top Reputation​



With a combined 50 years in experience we get the job done Fair Repair Auto Care understands how much rides on your vehicles. We are extremely proud of the work and service we provide to our community. It is our pledge to never ever betray your trust in the name of profit. Thank you for taking the time to know us and entrust us with your automotive needs. Thank you for being the best part of the Fair Repair Auto Care Family!

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