Auto Radiator Repair

Auto Radiator Repair in Concord, NC

Reputable Repair for Your Radiator and Related Components

A Great Location for Radiator Repair

If your vehicle has radiator trouble, it’s likely overheating or leaking.  You can’t afford a long drive into the city or around the Outerbelt.  You need help where you are–which means a local auto repair shop and maybe even a tow.  Fair Repair Auto Care in Concord, North Carolina, has been a shop for auto radiator repair in business for more than five years.  We’re nearby at  2855 Armentrout Drive Concord, NC 28025.  That’s between US 601 and NC 49.  Equally important, we take all makes, and models, and our ASE-certified technicians–your neighbors–have a combined total of more than a half century of auto repair experience.  Walk-ins are welcome during our regular hours of Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM, or you can make an appointment ahead.  Simply use our online scheduling feature or call to speak with us directly at 704-721-5440.

Some Common Radiator-Related Ailments

Through internal combustion and friction, your vehicle’s engine produces a lot of heat.  Your automobile relies on the radiator and related components to dissipate heat so that parts don’t warp and you don’t experience catastrophic engine failure.  The radiator is a series of tubes that conduct heated fluid/coolant so that radiator fins exposed to air can release heat from the surface area into the air.  One problem that can occur is a clogged or blocked radiator.  If dirt or debris impedes airflow, heat cannot effectively escape.  Also, if rust forms internally, it can prevent fluid circulation, again allowing for overheating.  Another issue is the leak that results from a hole in the radiator.  Depending on the severity of the problem, we may be able to clear or repair this important component.  Otherwise, it must be replaced.  Other related situations can happen, too.  These include a lack of sufficient coolant/fluid level, damage to a hose that transports this fluid back and forth to the radiator, and trouble with a fan that helps move air across the radiator’s fins.

Service from Your Neighbors

When your auto needs radiator repair, nothing beats the service you’ll get from your neighbors at Fair Repair Auto Care.  Not only do we remedy the mechanical problem, but we also provide outstanding customer service.  Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we’re also associated with national professional organizations and suppliers like the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS), BoltOn, MechanicNet, Certified Auto Repair (CAR), ProVantage, TechNet, and WorldPac.  Also, we back our work with an amazing five-year/60,000-mile warranty, excluding brakes.  You can feel comfortable that we’ve built a solid reputation, and you’ll appreciate the amenities we offer.  These include options for concierge service, after-hours drop-off/pick-up, prompt turnaround times, and complimentary onsite wifi.  We accept multiple forms of payment, including an option to finance.  See our Financing page for details.  Discounts are available, too, so be sure to check out our Specials tab.  Our passion is vehicles, and our mission is to help our community, including you, with great repairs and excellent customer service.