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Auto A/C Repair in Concord, NC

Reliable Auto A/C Repair

The Best of Both: Local and Dependablec

Fair Repair Auto Care in Concord, North Carolina, provides the best of both scenarios in mechanical service.  While some establishments are either local–and limited in their capacities–or dependable with the backing of national organizations, our shop offers it all.  That’s because we’re owned and operated by your neighbors, yet we’re affiliated with national organizations and suppliers.  Our shop has been open for more than five years, and we have a combined total of more than fifty years of automotive experience.  You can count on our ASE-certified technicians for auto A/C repair, regardless of the make or model you drive.  You’ll find us nearby at  2855 Armentrout Drive Concord, NC 28025 between US 601 and NC 49.  Our hours are Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM, and we welcome walk-ins.  You can also schedule an appointment ahead of time online or by calling us at 704-721-5440.

Time for A/C Service

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know it’s time for A/C service.  It’s best practice to have us check your system about once each year, but some signs should prompt you to bring your vehicle sooner.  Most obviously, if your unit is no longer cooling as it should, it’s time for a visit.  A lack of sufficiently cool air could indicate a low refrigerant level.  A refrigerant recharge may occasionally be necessary, but a leak is suspected if the condition happens often.  If the unit doesn’t power on at all, a broken wire, short, or another electrical issue could be to blame.  Even if your air conditioner is functioning, some symptoms should prompt a visit.  For instance, wet carpeting underneath the dash may point to a leak in the system that you’ll want to remedy before significant damage occurs.  Also, a bad odor that might be described as a damp scent that you notice when you turn on the A/C may be a sign of mold, something that’s unpleasant and that you shouldn’t be breathing.

Great Customer Care

In addition to exceptional auto A/C repair, the professionals at Fair Repair Auto Care also provide great customer care.  We’re budget-friendly because we don’t try to talk you into purchasing services or parts you don’t need, we give discounts, we accept various forms of payment, and we even have financing options.  Take a look at our Specials and Financing pages for more information.  You can opt to bring in your car during regular hours or take advantage of after-hours drop-off/pick-up.  We can also provide concierge service or help you with towing.  Other conveniences include prompt turnaround times and onsite wifi.  Even though we provide neighborly services, the kind we prefer for our own family members, we offer the advantages of being affiliated with nationally known organizations and component/product suppliers.  These include the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS), BoltOn, MechanicNet, Certified Auto Repair (CAR), ProVantage, TechNet, and WorldPac.  Better yet, we’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Bring us your broken or poorly functioning air conditioner, and let us provide you with this same great level of service.