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Fair Repair Auto Body wants to help our neighbors and friends get their cars back on the road and assist in the already unpleasant experience of being in an accident. We know how important your vehicles are to your every day lives.  Everything from getting kids safely to and from school, to getting to and from work to keep food on the table, we are here for all of your Auto Body and repair needs. Fair Repair Auto Body will assist you through many steps in the insurance claims process in order to get back on the road again, and put your ordeal in the rear view mirror. 


An estimate is a complete damage report listing in detail every part, operation, labor hour, and other materials needed to complete the repair. A professional accurate estimate helps build confidence. It explains the job from beginning to end.

ADAS calibration

ADAS is an acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems come standard in modern vehicles and are responsible for aiding the driver while they’re driving and parking. Blind-spot monitoring systems, rear-traffic proximity alerts, and parking assistance systems are just a few of examples of ADAS.

Body work

Auto body and related repairers, or collision repair technicians, straighten metal panels, remove dents, and replace parts that cannot be fixed. Although they repair all types of vehicles, most work primarily on cars, sport utility vehicles, and small trucks.

Welding and Fabricating

Fabrication is a general term for the industrial processes that take raw or partially finished materials and turns them into a finished product. Vehicle fabrication is a manufacturing process that shapes sheet metal and other forms of metal into products.

Only the best

We provide the highest quality auto body and paint repair in the area. We do not work for the insurance company or industry, we work for you and only you. When your repairs are complete we can have our repair and service division continue to give you the same great service and maintenance for miles to come.

white glove treatment

If you are looking for an exceptional auto collision and paint experience, or any automotive repair need, then look to us, a shop where you are treated like family. Give us a call us today!


Along with Auto Body repairs, our repair division offers complete auto service and repair, such as timing belts, AC repair, oil changes, transmissions & more. We may meet because of an accident but we are prepared to serve you and your family for all of your automotive Body, Repair and Maintenance needs.


We cover all major repairs with a 24 month 24,000 mile worry free nationwide warranty. We will also give you an honest opinion when the time comes time to part with a vehicle and replace it rather than repair it. We aim to keep you on the road in a safe vehicle we would put our own family in, because we really care and want you to be the best part of the Fair Repair Auto Body Family.


BBB Rating & Accreditation

4 ASE Certified Technicians

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