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We provide in depth crash analysis and repair estimates. Many of our competitors are what is known as DRP or "Direct Repair Program" Shops. Insurance companies try to pursuede you to use them to cut costs and this often but not always lessens the quality of the repair. As our mission statements states, We work for you and only you, not a particular insurance company or the industry as a whole. Our aim is to repair your vehicle to a point that is better than when it suffered the unfortunate accident. We do this by thoroughly investigating and estimating needed body and mechanical repair work suffered in an accident in order to get the best possible outcome from the insurance company for you and your family.


After and estimate is written and approved, our process starts with tearing down and replacing and repairing the underlying support structures to restore and align your new body panels. There are several specialists that will be involved in the tear down cleaning and re inspection of the under structure to make sure that a quality repair is being performed and that nothing is missed. The integrity of the body of your vehicle is what keeps your family safe as your travel the roads of North Carolina and beyond. We take pride in knowing that if someone were to drive in one of our repaired vehicles that it will hold up and perform just as well in the unfortunate event of a second accident.

Paint cleaning, preperation and scanning

Don't try to service your AC system on your own with gimmick seal fixers in a can. In all honesty, they can cause much more damage and should be outlawed. Your system was designed to hold only an engineered amount of refrigerant that can only be measured by a specialized, calibrated machine. Too much or too little and the system doesn't work the way intended. Fair Repair Auto Care realizes that air conditioning is almost life support for our customers. Don't go another summer with out the comfort of a properly functioning air conditioning system. Let Fair Repair Auto Care figure out what is going on and get you from cooled off and properly defrosting your windows today.


The world of transmissions has really changed. Transmissions have become increasingly electronically controlled and disposable. Specialty transmission shops will try to always sell a rebuild. Its in their best interest to do so. They also charge specialty prices. Sometimes they don't even put YOUR actual transmission back in. Why pay specialty prices for a behind the scenes switcheroo? We cut the middle man out and give you an upfront price for replacement and tell you the TRUTH. No smoke and mirrors. We do perform regular filter and fluid service on all transmissions. Transmissions can be complicated and scary, let us honestly guide you through your transmission problems......


Many shops don't want to try and repair engines. We do. We have over 50 combined years of experience in our shop. If we can save money and fix it we will. We can diagnose and repair broken/stretched timing chains or belts. Head gaskets are not a scary death sentence that dooms an otherwise great vehicle to the scrapyard. If we need to replace it we will advise you on the best route. We will also help you evaluate the rest of your vehicle to honestly advise if the repair or replacement with new/used is economically wise, or if it is in your benefit to put your hard earned money into a new vehicle. Other shops wont step up to the plate. We will, because we really do care....

Electrical, Batteries & Alternators

We are well versed in vehicle electrical systems. It all starts with the battery and alternator. In todays complicated and even hybrid vehicles, the importance and sensitivity of electrical systems can not be understated. Dont let an inexperienced budget shop with underpaid technicians misdiagnose the basics or the obvious. Our experienced mechanics have seen everything from fully electric systems, hybrids to diesels. Let us fix your electrical problems correctly the first time....


Sometimes its hard saying goodbye. When that time comes, Fair Repair Auto Care is here for you to help add that new addition to the family fleet. Our used car pre-purchase inspection helps you in several ways. Having an experienced mechanic inspect your vehicle helps to insure you’re not buying a lemon or money pit. We can give you a complete list of the vehicles needs mechanically. You can then use this list to negotiate and make an informed decision on your possible vehicle purchase.

State Inspections

Most drivers don’t know but you are allowed to inspect your vehicle for registration purposes up to 90 days early. Don’t let it sneak up on you. We can get you through an inspection after a regular oil change or a new set of tires and alignment session. Fair Repair Auto Care’s typical inspection session only adds approximately 15-30 minutes to a maintenance appointment. So, R U Due???


There is nothing worse than buying a new set of tires and then having them wear out unevenly just three months down the road. Let Fair Repair Auto Care get your wheels lined up and pointed straight ahead to keep you safe and extend the performance of your hard earned investment in tires. We utilize Hunter laser alignment equipment because they are world renowned for their accuracy and state of the art precision. Fair Repair Auto Care brings you all of this to ensure that your tires will last and perform safely to the best of their ability.

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