Experience Versus Cost

So many times we get caught up in the trap of chasing low cost that we forget the end goal or solution. When it comes to our favorite burger or our favorite restaurant, cost usually gets ignored or at least put on the back burner. However, when it comes to our cars, we end up cutting corners and searching for the best price without much thought. The best price usually comes with hidden costs and compromises that we don’t think about up front. We search for the least expensive oil change or brake service, and believe me they are out there. What they don’t tell you is that they are using the lowest grade bulk oil from whomever is selling it at the cheapest and they are paying inexperienced technicians the lowest possible wage to change your oil or brakes, both of which are critical systems to your car.. Especially with the advent of ABS and traction control systems. Are those same technicians looking your car over with a critical experienced eye, or are they just trying to sell you or scare you into what ever their managers are trying to push that particular quarter after they have lured you in the door.

That is the difference with a technician that has been around and in the community for years, Anyone can open a shop or put on a uniform and say they perform and deliver quality work. Sometimes it is true, but quality usually comes with time and experience. Fair Repair Auto Care has been serving our community with a combined 50 plus years of experience. Sometimes a little more spent on quality upfront, saves you and your family a lot more money in the long run. Experience always outweighs cost in the long term. Don’t be lured by low costs and start really saving with the experience of Fair Repair Auto Care today!!!

We love serving our community

We want to help our neighbors and friends keep their cars on the road as well as money in their pockets. We know how important vehicles are to our community, from getting kids safely to and from school, to getting to and from work to keep food on the table. We are here for all of your maintenance and repair needs from oil changes and brakes to engine and transmission repairs or replacements. We cover all major repairs with a 24 month 24,000 mile nationwide warranty. We will also give you an honest opinion when it comes time to part with a vehicle and replace it rather than repair it. We aim to keep you on the road in a safe vehicle we would put our own family in, because we want you to be part of the Fair Repair Family.